Trickster In Exile

by Miller Carr

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Miller Carr’s TRICKSTER IN EXILE, a ten song album, was produced, recorded, and mixed by Robin MacMillan in New York during 2013 and 2014.

In addition to producer MacMillan on drums, percussion, and a bit of everything else, it features a cast of others who have accompanied Carr on many recordings and tours. A full list of album credits is included below.


released June 21, 2015

Total Running Time: 41:03

Recorded and mixed by Robin MacMillan at Faraway Sound, New York

Vocals: Miller Carr / Bass: Jacob Silver, Robin MacMillan / Drums and Percussion: Robin MacMillan, Brett Eastman / Guitars: Miller Carr, Robin MacMillan, Ryan Scott / Piano and Organ: Frank LoCrasto, Robin MacMillan, Brett Eastman, Jacob Silver / Trumpet: Tom Ayres / Backing Vocals: Josh Mease, Sarah Tolar

Cover Photograph: Todd Weaver / Album Layout: Robin MacMillan

All songs written by Miller Carr (Rider Songs ASCAP) except ‘Cinder Sifter’ by Miller Carr/Robin MacMillan (Rider Songs ASCAP/Fox Hill ASCAP) and ‘Sahara’ by Miller Carr/Robin MacMillan (Rider Songs ASCAP/Fox Hill ASCAP) Copyright 2015 Miller Carr Published 2015 Valerian Records, California, U.S.A.

For Renée



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Miller Carr

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Track Name: When I Awoke
When I awoke
I saw them moving in
The vultures would descend
And circle back around again

I was hurried through a stall
Inside a rotten abattoir
Now I'm hanging by a thread
Underneath the diamond web

Thought I there is no end
Just a desert full of sand
Until I broke the hourglass
And blew away the wind

My arms are reaching for you
Caroline, falling through the sands of time
Where everything turns to dust

Dominoes are falling down
I'm gonna gather up the bones
Shake em up and shake em down

I was dancing at St. Luke's
And your skeleton was there
You moved so fast across the floor
You left it hanging in the air

You're always drifting to me
Caroline, I can see the blood in your eyes
Every tear rolling down turns to rust
Track Name: Flambeau
I've got a bag of bones & an emerald stone
A lock of hair from Marie Laveau
Around your door, a pile of dust
A copper wire doll dressed in rust

I'm gonna do whatever it takes
I'm gonna drive you outta this place
I'm shaking off an evil blood embrace

A graveyard priest with galanga breath
Wore a nation sack around his neck
He wrote your name in the sand
John the conqueror in my hand

I'm gonna do whatever it takes
I'm gonna drive you outta this place
I'm shaking off an evil blood embrace

One step at a time
Dust all around your door
Track Name: Trickster In Exile
I feel you slipping
But I'm still holding on
My hands are trembling
Reaching for the dawn
Under the moonlight
Under the moonlight

I look into the mirror
Who am I fooling?
I feel just like a stranger
Lost among the ruins
A trickster in exile
A trickster in exile

It's more than just a roll of the dice
You've got to look the King of Hearts in the eyes
Even if you're not able
Even if you're not able to shake off the doubt
You lay your cards on the table
I'm not betting on my luck running out

Your never ending
Constant trail of tears
Have left their mark pretending
The illusion was real
And when I pulled back the curtain
Your red eyes were uncertain
If the act was still working
If the act was still working

I can see you through your disguise
Behind your mask, you tremble like a child
But you got that look in your eye
Give it to me one wink at a time
I know you're trying to tell me something
I hope it's a lie

Like when you caught
A bullet in your teeth
That never left the gun
The end before the start
Of what never begun
Done is done

Beyond any reason
Beyond any doubt
Beyond any reason
Beyond any doubt
Beyond any reason
I wait for you day in
Day out
Track Name: Cinder Sifter
I went the wrong way down
The rabbit hole
Never come, never go

Woke in a bone orchard
Could be worse
Marble eyes for the crows
Oh no
Cinder sifter

Here come the first of May
Hand that match
Sign said two over ten

Looking for my big black
Rolling over them all
Oh no

I never asked to be born
It's just something that happened
Don't know how to break the spell
Only time will tell
And time ain't talking
I just keep walking

Here come the switch man now
He's fleet foot
With two dogs foaming at mouth

Don't be a barnacle
Catch that drag
And just keep heading down south
Oh no

There is no calm in the storm
No shelter from the whirlwind
Who's got that map out of hell
Only time will tell
And time ain't talking
I just keep walking
Track Name: Immortal Wanderer
Disembodied in time
You lit a torch in the void
A crow singing in rhyme
To the tune of the hopeless devoid

Suddenly, the moon!
Like a vision appeared
And like Our Lady Of Sorrows
The children wept and she disappeared

Fallen cherubim
Under the sun
Leaves turn in the autumn
Decaying golden

Mercury the Trickster has got you on the run
You'll have to keep moving
To keep from
Falling down
Falling down

Immortal wanderer
You're not going anywhere
Immortal wanderer
Your stench is everywhere

Plum petals are falling
You never paid any mind
And there's a fire burning
Behind your petrified eye

Drunk under the moon
A solitary reflection
Surrender to the tune
Like a tear lost in the ocean

Bare trees in the garden
The orchard is barren
Dead leaves keep on falling
And then there was none

Let it blow right through you
Let it come down hard
Let it fall on to you
A changing of the guards

Immortal wanderer
You're not going anywhere
Immortal wanderer
Your stench is everywhere

The promise of an eternal sleep
Broken when I woke from a dream
Discovering the shadow was mine
When I lifted up a cup of wine
With the moon and the shadow, we make three
I can use these two for my company
Track Name: Moon Over Managua
September rain
Washes the blood stains
From the cobblestone
On the streets of León

Amparo wept
Under a dark cloud
Next to the marble steps
When inside the cathedral

The lion stirred
Upon the tomb
They're gonna get what they deserve
And it's coming soon

Amparo don't you cry
Revenge in near!
Rigoberto walked right through the needle's eye
A blood sacrifice

Sugar cane
Below the volcano
You ran your bath and then
Looked on Momotombo

On the balcony
Carnelian trumpets
Bloom over the marketplace
And the moon over Managua

Is on the rise
Over the palms
I hear Dario's lullaby
Serenade the dawn

And the space between two thoughts
That you thought was lost
Tied you in a knot
Track Name: I Must Have Been Dead
I must've been dead at least three days
Before my sister and my mother came to take me away
They brought me to the river and they washed my face
And then they led me through the deep cool water to wade

Steam rising up
From the morning dew
I'm gonna wade in the water
I'm gonna drown these blues

I've got to shed this skin
Wash away the mask I've been living in
I'd love to come clean but I won't say where I've been

You know what they say perhaps it's true
You take one step up and go down two
So many ways to make it through
But only one way back to get to you

I'm gonna wade in the water
I'm gonna drown these blues

Eyes rolling back in my head
The robes of my disguise weighing down like lead
I don't intend to die before I make my dying bed

And my blood is bled
And the river runs red
And the serpent is fed
With the poison
Of forbidden fruit
Remove this venom noose
Cut this devil loose
I'm wading in the water
Gonna drown these blues
Track Name: Shot In The Dark
The rosy fingered dawn tossed
The moon like a coin
Rolling through paradise lost
Waiting to rejoin

Maybe I'm still standing
Underneath these fading stars
Wishing for one to fall down dying
Like an arrow through a heart

That will never miss its mark
That will never miss its mark
That will never miss its mark
A shot in the dark

I leave a candle burning
All through the night
You might pass by some evening
And be drawn to the light

Remember how we used to waltz
Beneath our gleaming infinite arc
That was held up by a dream we had
Until we woke up alone in the dark

How did we ever stray so far
Planets explode then drift apart
You know the arrow missed its mark
A shot in the dark
Track Name: Forbidden Duet
Monk wandered off alone
Out into the heat
Trouble's always looking for an easy way out
And feeling like a cheat
Monk came down to your parlor
Unhurried by his doom
He wants to watch your little rosebud bloom

Pushed back in the corner
Sand was falling through the glass
The birdie on your shoulder
Said "It's never gonna last"
"Well who put thoughts like those into your head?"
"Everybody's got them" that's what you said
"Now set your boots down by the bed"

Monk lit a roman candle
And placed it on the floor
The figurines on your mantle
Their eyes fixed on the door
Rose water on your neck
Honey on your breath
Your temple to protect

These walls are closing in on you with memories
Of all the times you struggled to forget
The very thing that brought you to your knees
When you were young
A forbidden duet

Monk was looking out your window
You were blowing on the fire
Under your kimono
The palace of desire
Shadows on the wall
Dancing in the moonlight
You could forget it all
You could forget it all
You could forget it all
Track Name: Sahara
Who will lift your veil
Infinitely pale

The fragile moon
In your eyes
A flower blooms
Then it dies

Come out and stand in the light

The wind is dying down
Won't you come around

Give me your hand
Upon the sands where
You hide

Come out and stand in the light